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Dolly Binaca is a nurse that was dead last in every class she took at her school for nursing. When she's working a job as a nurse, she is quickly fired because she dosn't show up or do what she is suppose to do. She often commits identity theft on most of her patience.


[hide]*1 Personality


Dolly has a very monotone voice which gives the idea that she is always bored. She does enjoy soap operas, and naps.


Dolly is an african american woman with long hair. She is rather short and thin. She wears a nurses hat, along with white shirt.


has testimonyEditEdit

  • Oh... Hello.
  • Whats up.
  • Hey.
  • Hi.
  • Ohhh. What?

leaving menuEditEdit

  • Can I go now?
  • Hmm. That was fun.
  • Stay Healthy!

leaving roomEditEdit

  • Be careful out there!
  • So long!
  • Bye, or whatever.
  • See ya around.
  • Take Care
  • Don't eat stuff off the sidewalk!


  • Um, I'm a nurse. Why would I do such a thing. Where's your evidence.
  • You're accusing me? This should be great. Lets see your proof.

Canceling AccusationEditEdit

  • Havin Second thoughts? I thought so.


  • I don't talk to the law. Unless I need to.
  • Maybe you should do something for me. And then I'll talk.

Gives informationEditEdit

  • I have some information you might appreciate
  • Oh good. I've been wanting to talk to you.

Can't tell you testimony yetEditEdit

  • Sorry, can't tell you what I know just yet.

No more to sayEditEdit

  • No, sorry. Thats all.


  • Dolly is one of the 4 suspects in the game who don't say anything in cutscenes or in the case of the mismatched laundry. The others are the columnist, the poet, and the professor.

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