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Here is a list of all the locations in Guilty Party.

  1. Dickens Manor- The first and last locations in the game. Thaddeus Bilge was the culprit in the early Dickens Manor, while Olivia Dickens showed her secret identity as Mr. Valentine in the late Dickens Manor.
  2. The Train- The second location in the game. Judith Prudence was the culprit in this location.
  3. The Aquarium- The third location in the game. Minnie Wigwam was the culprit in this location.
  4. The Cruise Ship- The fourth location in the game. Mort Sherman ( aka Ed Mission) was the culprit in this location.
  5. The Opera House- The fifth location in the game. Madeline Ash was the culprit in this location.
  6. The Zeppelin- The sixth location in the game. Morgan Harvest was the culprit in this location.

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